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 About Dr Support

Thank you for visiting our site, we hope you will find the necessary information you need and wish you well during your road to recovery.

Dr Support offers a wide range of expertise in all kinds of injuries and associated medical symptoms. We proudly specialise in providing you with a variety of products whether it be for the cure or preventative measure of non-specific and sport-related ailments.

Dr Support is an established company that aims to provide a quality service and a range of fantastic products, whether you have been injured at work, during sports-related activities, traffic accidents, or through falls, trips or any other type of accident. Our products are specifically designed to provide comfort, ease pain, support and aid recovery in a speedy and effective manner, from any type of ailment which interferes or hinders you when at work or play.

Our range is extensive and we have sold products into a variety of market sectors, ranging from the domestic through to the more specialised such as martial artist practitioners. Examples of popular products sold include supportive and comfortable wraps, padded supports for the protection and prevention against injuries, specialised supports for common injuries sustained and ointments to aid injury recovery. We are acutely aware of the wide range of possible injuries and the scope in severity and recovery times sports practitioners are at risk of; therefore we endeavour to accommodate as broad a spectrum of the sporting community as possible.

In addition, Dr Support also supplies alternative sports medicines such as balms, massage oils, aromatherapy oils, spas, cooling sprays, and heat sprays, to mention a few, thereby allowing us to cater for the variety preferences amongst people, where holistic or herbal remedies may be more appealing and/or appropriate. With this in mind we are happy to announce Dr Support also provides massage tools and instruments from head to toe.

We always welcome suggestions and our vision is to keep up-to-date with all the best quality merchandise, with a view provide our customers with premium products via a premium service. Our expertise is continually developing and growing and we aim to use this expertise as wisely as possible to support your recovery and help you return to an injury/ailment free enjoyment of life and sports.

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