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Acute Back Pain

Vertebrace Back Support
Vertebrace Back Support
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McKenzie Slimline lumbar roll
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Vulkan Back Support

Acute Back Pain

What is acute back?

Acute back pain is where pain felt in the back lasts 3 to 6 months and is related to tissue damage in the affected areas. Left untreated long term acute back pain can set up persistent nervous system pathways that keep transmitting pain from the affected area even if the root cause has been successfully treated. If no cause of the pain can be found it is considered to be chronic back pain.

  • Muscles aches from specific area or from a more generalized region
  • Shooting or stabbing pain from back
  • Limited flexibility and motion sometimes resulting in the inability to stand straight
  • Sudden jolt such as a car accident
  • Sports injury
  • General heavy lifting or household work that requires the back to be used excessively
  • Use relaxation techniques such as baths and massages to temporarily remove pain
  • Visiting a chiropractor may alleviate pain
  • Use back supports that provide heat to reduce the pain
  • Acupuncture or yoga has been reported to be beneficial
  • Continue to work through until you are able to finish and then rest completely for 2 or 3 days (resting prematurely can lead to stiffness)
  • Continue to work your back but lower the strain by doing less strenuous work
  • Pace any physical activities to make them easier to manage
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