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Bakers Cyst

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Compression AE Knee Support
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Compression AE Women\'s Knee Support
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Vulkan Re-usable Hot/Cold Gel Pack

Bakers Cyst

What is Bakers Cyst?

Bakers cyst is a swelling that can form behind the knee which is filled with synovial fluid that is usually found inside the knee joint. Usually it occurs when there is already an underlying condition such as osteoarthritis.
  • Small cysts have no symptoms and rarely cause problems
  • Larger cysts cause symptoms such as pain and aches around the knee
  • Difficulty bending the knee
  • Sensation of clicking or locking when standing up
  • In a primary bakers cyst there is a connection between the knee joint and the popliteal bursa behind the knee. This allows the synovial fluid to enter the popliteal bursa causing a cyst
  • In a secondary bakers cyst, an underlying problem such as arthritis or tear to the cartilage is the cause. As a result of this the the knee joint produces too much synovial fluid which causes the joint capsule to bulge out into the back of the knee forming the cyst
  • Usually treatment is not required but if there is an underlying cause such as arthritis then this would need to be treated.
  • Where symptoms get problematic support compresses can be used in the area to relive pain
  • Physiotherapy may also be used to strengthen the muscles around the knee
  • Other treatments can include draining the fluid or surgery to remove the cyst
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