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Bicep Tendon Rupture

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Vulkan Re-usable Hot/Cold Gel Pack
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Bicep Tendon Rupture

What is Bicep Tendon Rupture?

The bicep tendons connect the bicep muscle to the bone. In a rupture an injury causes the tendon to become detached and the muscle can no longer pull the bone.
  • Proximal bicep tendon ruptures occurs at the shoulder joint and is common in older patients
  • Distal bicep tendon ruptures occur at the elbow join and are more common in those lifting heavy weights
  • In proximal cases there are minimal symptoms mainly discomfort
  • In distal cases there may be significant pain, stiffness to the area and difficulty in movement
  • Usually occurs with heavy or awkward lifting
  • Physiotherapy
  • Heat therapy may help with the healing phase and reduce pain
  • rubs will help in pain relief
  • Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
  • Surgery is common to restore proper function
  • Good lifting practice
  • Sufficient warm up and cooling down after exercise 
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