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Akileine Winter Cream for Chilblains
Akileine Winter Cream for Chilblains
Dr Comfort Sock
Dr Comfort Sock
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What are chilblains?

Chilblains also called Pernio is a small itchy, painful, red swelling on the skin which can become very painful. Chilblains are usually caused by an abnormal skin reaction to cold and are a common skin disorder that 1 in 10 people may suffer from chilblains. They most commonly occur on toes, fingers, nose and possibly earlobes

  • Chilblains can be very itchy
  • Typical burning sensations
  • Pain and tenderness over the chilblain region
  • Blisters may occur on a chilblains which can delay the healing process
  • Small ulcers can occur due to skin breaking down which is prone to infections
  • Chilblains usually occur several hours after being exposed to cold.
  • Sometimes you get just one chilblain but often several develop at once
  • They can join together to form a larger chilblains which look red and swollen on the skin
  • When the skin goes cold the tiny blood vessels start to narrow
  • The blood supply the affected area becomes very slow
  • As the skin re-warms there is fluid leakage from the blood vessels in to the tissues which causes inflammation and swelling leading to chilblains
  • If you warm your skin too quickly from cold to hot using a hot water bottle or sitting by the fire you more prone to getting chilblains
  • Poor circulation can lead to chilblains
  • Living in damp conditions can be a contribution factor for chilblains
  • Working in cold conditions is a risk factor such as, washing cars, butchers, working outdoors in extreme cold etc

  • Chilblains must be kept warm and stay of cold conditions
  • Wearing thermal socks
  • Smoking can  make chilblains worse so it is recommended to stop smoking
  • The Akileine winter cream for chilblains will helps prevent your feet getting cold
  • Keeping feet warm when in cold weather conditions
  • Thermal socks will help your feet stay warm which will prevent chilblains
  • Wearing ventilated shoes will help to reduce moist
  • Inserting ventilated insoles in foot wear will also help in reducing moist view Dr Support Insoles
  • Let your skin gradually warm up rather than quickly warming up skin by using heating elements
  • Some drugs may have sides affects which lead to recurring chilblains it is advised to see your GP as soon as possible if this happens

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