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Facet Syndrome

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Facet Syndrome

What is Facet Syndrome?

Facet joints, which connect vertebrae to one another, enable a specific variety of movements at each vertebral level. Pain in these joints is referred to as Facet joint Syndrome, Facet Syndrome or Facet Joint Disease
  • Severe spinal pain occurring with movement
  • Limited mobility or stiffness of the back
  • A worsening of pain when bending or straightening back
  • Sciatica or pinched nerve type of symptoms
  • Osteoarthritis is usually the main cause brought on by old age
  • Degenerative Disc Disease (also due to ageing) can also cause this problem
  • Athletes or physically active people can experience this problem due to excessive use of the spine
  • Massaging ointments can help with easing pain
  • Pain relief medication can control the pain
  • Surgery such as a laminectormy or spinal fusion can relieve the pain (in severe cases)
  • Facet Rhizotomy, where the nerve endings are killed in the affected area can also be used
  • Massage therapy may also be useful.
  • Correct posture can help prevent or relive pain
  • Regular physical exercise can help maintain flexibility in joints and improve circulation
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