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Flat Feet (Pes Planus)

3/4 Length Silicone Gel Insoles for Therapy & Prevention
3/4 Length Silicone Gel Insoles for Therapy & Prevention
£19.49  was £21.99
Pain Relieving Arch Warp
Pain Relieving Arch Warp

Flat Feet (Pes Planus)

Flat feet is a medical condition in which most people's arch of the feet collapses with the soles of the foot coming in to near complete or completely in contact with the ground surface. The height of the arches may vary from one person to another, the arch of the feet develop between the ages of 3 and 10. Having no arch is also known as "Fallen Arches". Flat feet can not only cause pain in the foot but may cause many symptoms in other parts of the body. 
  • Feet causing enormous pain around the foot
  • Arches can possibly collapse completely
  • Footwear wearing out very quick
  • Stiffness in feet
  • Feet feeling weak
  • Cannot feel the normality of the feet
  • Feet feel pain and fatigue during walks
  • Pain in the calf muscles
  • Pain or possible discomfort develops in the knee joints
  • In some people or individuals the arch of the foot simply does not develop
  • It is advised for the parents to visually inspect the child's foot for walking peculiarly or clumsily as that can be a sign of lacking medial arch development.  

  • Replace any existing insoles with Dr Support Casual Insoles that offer optimum support to fallen arches
  • Walking barefoot, particularly on beach sand where the muscles are given a very good work out, is extremely good for flatfooted patients
  • Consult you GP as soon as you feel pain or symptoms around the foot and leg region

  • Wearing Dr Support Insoles in your foot wear
  • Buy foot wear such as sandals with built in arch support
  • Limit wearing closed toe shoes and whilst at home walking barefoot will help
  • Dr Support recommends, sandals without built in arch support, are to purchase stick on arch pads for support to the arch region

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