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Hip Fracture


Hip Fracture

What is Hip Fracture?

A hip fracture is a broken hip which is a common injury that mainly affects older people with osteoporosis. An intracapsular fracture is within the joint capsule and extracapsular is outside the joint capsule.

  • Fractured hips cause a lot of pain leaving the person unable to walk or stand. The affected leg may also look smaller and be turned outwards compared to the other leg.

  • Most often it is caused by a trip or fall. For people who have osteoporosis (where the bones are less dense) a hip fracture is more common from a fall.
  • Hip fractures can also be caused by trauma such as a car accident
  • Treatment involves surgery to fix the broken bone and the medical services should be contacted immediately if you have a broken hip
  • Dr support recommends you to visit your local GP (General Practitioner). They will refer you to a specialist consultant who will supply you with a hip brace/orthosis
  • For pain management or discomfort soothing balms, gels and creams can be applied
  • Hot and Cold gel packs can be applied to elevate muscular pain  
  • Regular exercise can help strengthen your muscles and bones
  • Ensuring adequate intake of calcium and vitamin d will help keep your bones healthy
  • Being ware of hazards that may cause you to fall will help prevent injury
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