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Idiopathic Oedema


Idiopathic Oedema

What is Idiopathic Oedema?

Oedema is the medical term for fluid retention and idiopathic means unknown. It is a condition of mild fluid retention and can be caused by various conditions. This condition is most common in women and may worsen as you get older.
  • Mild swelling of hands, feet, abdomen, breasts and face
  • Weight gain of about 2 kilograms
  • The exact causes are unknown but some have suggested it could be due to
  • Fluid leaking out of small blood vessels into tissue
  • Slat retention may be a contributing factor
  • Underlying kidney or liver condition
  • Treatment is often difficult and in many cases the condition cannot be cured
  • Fluid retention is normally not due to a serious medical condition
  • Support stockings
  • Exercise
  • Avoid prolonged standing
  • Lose weight if you are overweight
  • Restrict your salt intake
  • Eat potassium rich food
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