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Kienbocks Wrist Disease

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Kienbocks Wrist Disease

What is Kienbocks Wrist Disease?

This is where small bones in the wrist lose their blood supply and die causing pain and stiffness in wrist motion. This can lead to the bone collapsing and shifting the position of the surrounding bones.
  • Painful and swollen wrist
  • Pain or difficulty turning the hand
  • Tenderness
  • Stiffness
  • Eventually this will lead to arthritis

  • The exact cause is not known but it is through injury or through variations of the growth of the arm bones are the most likely causes
  • Avoiding further trauma to area
  • In early disease, this may be aided by splinting
  • Anti-inflammatories can be used in the early stages
  • Surgery to excise the dead bones followed by joint leveling and revascularization (reestablishing the blood supply)
  • Immediate attention of this condition can prompt earlier diagnosis and corrective measures to prevent further progression of the disease.
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