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Knee Ligament Injury

Neo G Stabilized Open Knee Support
Neo G Stabilized Open Knee Support
Vulkan Re-usable Hot/Cold Gel Pack
Vulkan Re-usable Hot/Cold Gel Pack

Knee Ligament Injury

What is Knee Ligament Injury?

During injury a knee ligament can be sprained, ruptured or completely torn leaving the knee feeling unstable and painful.

  • Popping or snapping sound at time of injury
  • Swelling to the knee
  • Loss of movement
  • Pain in knee area
  • Tenderness around knee
  • Feeling of instability in affected knee
  • Bruising
  • Injury can be caused either through a direct impact to the knee
  • Or the knee has somehow moved outside its normal range of movement
  • If the knee has had a severe sprain or twist while playing sports or involved in an accident
  • Rest the affected area and apply ice to reduce swelling
  • Use a compress (Knee support)to reduce swelling and to limit movement
  • Elevate the leg to prevent further swelling
  • Physiotherapy may be required to help restore proper function to the knee
  • Knee braces can be worn to provide support though you should consult a doctor first
  • In some cases surgery may be required if necessary
  • Exercising regularly will help strengthen the muscles and help prevent injury
  • Whenever undertaking exercise start off gently then work your way up to help prevent injury
  • Always warm up and warm down to prevent further injuries
  • Heat and cooling sprays, gels, and ointments  are ideal before and after work outs
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