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Leg Cramp

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Leg Cramp

What is Leg cramp?

A leg cramp is a muscle spasm where the muscle contracts too hard. It usually occurs in the calf muscle but may also affect the knee and foot. The severity of the pain varies and can last up to 10 minutes though the muscle may be tender for up to 24 hours.
  • Sudden cramp, involuntary, spasmodic muscular contractions causing severity of pain
  • Mostly occurring in the legs or shoulders as a result of strains or chills
  • The exact cause remains unknown but some situations can contribute to the likelihood of cramps.
  • Some drugs are known to cause cramps as side effects (such as diuretics)
  • Over exertion of muscles may be a factor
  • Excess alcohol
  • Thyroid problems
  • And disorders of the nerves may be responsible
  • Pregnant women are a common group to get cramps
  • Stretching and massaging the affected muscles can usually relive an attack of cramp
  • The use of heal balms and ointments
  • Applying hot and cold packs can help alleviate pain
  • There is no prevention of cramps if they do not happen very often.
  • If they occur regularly see your doctor for advice on what may be causing them
  • Keeping active may help in keeping the blood circulation flowing to reduce muscle spasm  
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