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Migraine Cool Patches
Migraine Cool Patches
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Relaxing Head Massager
Relaxing Head Massager
Calm Head Massage Oil
Calm Head Massage Oil


What is Migraine?

A migraine is an attack of headaches that is accompanied by sickness or vomiting. Between attacks the symptoms clear completely.

  • Migraine with aura is the most common type of migraine. The sufferer has a head ache on the front or sides of the head. The pain is often sever and is like a throbbing or pulsing sensation.
  • Sufferers may also feel sick and begin vomiting and may not like bright lights
  • Other symptoms may include being put off food, poor concentration, stuffy nose, hunger, abdominal pain, pale, sweating and sensations of heat and cold
  • Migraines with aura have the same symptoms but normally also have a warning sign before the onset of the headache (such as loss of vision, involuntary spasms, numbness, or problems with speech)
  • Causes of migraines are not clear but it is though they may be triggered by something in the sufferer’s environment.
  • Possible triggers could include
  • Diet and food additives
  • Environmental condition such as bright lights, smoking, or TV glare
  • Psychological such as depression
  • Medicines such as hormone replacement therapy tablets
  • Migraine cool patches help relieve the symptoms of headaches
  • Hand held Relaxing Head Massagers help with relaxing and soothing the mind 
  • Head Massage Oils have  great calming effects of the mind and help circulate blood flow
  • Painkillers can be used to manage the pain or if these fail to work (Tripatn medicines may be used to help stop the migraine consult GP for this medication)
  • Massage head on regular basis to keep the blood circulation flowing
  • Minimize the time at the computer or TV take a break and rest you mind and eyes
  • Keep active
  • Triptan medication may help prevent migraine attacks by disrupting the chemical 5HT which is thought to cause migraines (Consult you GP first)
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