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Neck Pain

Cervical Collar
Cervical Collar
Firm Neck Adjustable Collar
Firm Neck Adjustable Collar
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Cervical (Neck) Roll
Cervical (Neck) Roll

Neck Pain

What is Neck Pain?

Acute neck pain is a sudden and intense pain in the neck region referred to as a crick in the neck, facet syndrome or muscular rheumatism. Pain that lasts longer than three months is called chronic neck pain.
  • General pain in neck area
  • Stiffness in neck muscles which may also affect the shoulders
  • Can also affect the base of the skull and can trigger of a headache
  • Trauma and injury is the most common cause of neck pain but others include
  • Worry and stress
  • Sleeping in an awkward position putting unnatural stress on the neck area
  • Prolonged use of a computer with the neck tilted at an unnatural angle
  • Car accidents or other sudden jolts or impacts
  • Usually acute neck pain subsides once the neck is returned to the correct position and pressure is relived from the nerves in the area.  pain relief Rubs, balms and oils can be used to alleviate symptoms
  • Chronic neck pain may require more rigorous treatment which could include exercises, neck braces/collar supports or in serious cases surgery
  • Taking care in physical activities is a good way to prevent injury to the neck region
  • Improving posture at your computer desk and being wary of keeping your neck at an odd angle for extended periods can prevent neck pain
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