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Non specific Lower Back Pain

Vulkan Back Support
Vulkan Back Support
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Biofreeze Roll on
Vertebrace Back Support
Vertebrace Back Support
Vulkan Re-usable Hot/Cold Gel Pack
Vulkan Re-usable Hot/Cold Gel Pack

Non specific Lower Back Pain

What is Non specific Lower Back Pain?

Non specific back pain is pain that people suffer to the lower back that cannot be attributed to a single cause or condition. The severity of the pain may vary from mild to severe.
  • Sciatica can occur in some cases where the nerve root coming out of the spinal cord is irritated or pressed on and you will typically feel pain in the legs as well as the back
  • Cauda equine syndrome rarely occurs but is when the end of the nerve is pressed on and cause problems with bladder and bowel movements. This needs urgent medical care to prevent permanent damage
  • Typically pain occurs in the lower back region but can spread to the legs. Unless it is a more serious condition it usually passes in a week
  • In most cases there is discernible cause for lower back pain although a few conditions can cause specific back pain including
  • Arthritis
  • Pressing or irritation of the nerve roots
  • Continue with normal activity and keeping active, although painful at first the pain will subside and pass after a week or so
  • Back support will help with elevating the pain
  • Massaging with ointments will help in pain management
  • Medication such as painkillers may be used to help manage pain
  • Regular exercise is beneficial to reduce your chances of developing this condition
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