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Septic arthritis


Septic arthritis

What is Septic Arthritis?

Septic arthritis is an infection in a joint. Many different types of bacteria can cause the infection. It is an uncommon infection but requires urgent treatment.
  • Pain around the affected joint (movement around that joint is painful)
  • Swelling over the infected joint
  • Redness of overlying skin
  • High fever
  • Bacteria can get into the blood and cause infection. This infection may travel to other parts of the body including the bone.
  • Injury may cause the bacteria to enter a wound and infect the joint
  • Complications in surgery may also cause the infection
  • A course of antibiotics to kill the bacteria causing the infection prescribed by you Doctor
  • Draining the joint fluid to help prevent damage to the joint
  • After the infection has been cleared physiotherapy may be needed to restore proper movement to the joint
  • Taking care to clean wounds and injuries with sterile cloth or bandages
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