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Description of Ultimate Freshening Foot Therapy Gel
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Ultimate Freshening Foot Therapy Gel

Gelicity Freshening Hi-Gel foot therapy is the most luxurious foot spa soak you will ever experience in your life.

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Price : £7.49

Gelicity Freshening Hi-Gel foot therapy is the most luxurious foot spa soak you will ever experience in your life. Simply add the powder to warm water and the water turns into gel and sit back and enjoy the gel treating your feet. Once finished add the dissolver contents and the gel turns back to water.
  • The ultimate foot therapy, it's a bowl full of luxurious and relaxing  gel beads, then like magic, its water
  • Gelicity foot gel leaves your feet cool and refreshed
  • Helps soften hard skin and nails ready for pedicure
  • Excellent for tired and aching feet
  • Heat therapy
  • Retains heat three times longer than normal water
  • Massages your feet with thousands of tiny beads within the gel
  • Tea Tree  and Grapefruit

Tea Tree oil is used for the treatment of various skin conditions and has re-freshening properties and is used in many skin care products.
Grapefruit oil is used to freshen up your feet and provides therapeutic properties leaving fresh, relaxed and citric scents.

Hi-Gel Former Step 1

  1. Add 4 to 5 liters of warm water to a bowl that you soak your feet in.
  2. Sprinkle the contents of the sachet marked Step 1  in to the water, instantly the gel will start to form. leave for 2 minutes then mix around with hand.
  3. Now its its ready,  submerge your feet into the Gelicity. Roll your feet around, up and down in the gel for maximum effect

Hi-Gel Dissolver Step 2

  1. With your feet still submerged in the bowl, add contents of sachet marked Step 2
  2. You will hear crackles and pops as the Gelicity transforms back to water. swirl your feet around in the bowl to fully mix the dissolving compound. once the Gelicity has turned back to water pat dry your feet with a towel
  3. For best results use Gehwol Mint as a moisturizer on your feet after Gelicity foot therapy 
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