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Wrist Tendonitis

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Vulkan Re-usable Hot/Cold Gel Pack
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Wrist Tendonitis

What is Wrist Tendonitis?

Wrist tendonitis is an irritation or swelling of the tunnel which surrounds the tendons around the thumb. Usually, the pain is present at the front of the wrist and patients will feel pain when pinching or grasping an object. Some patients may also have a lump or localized swelling in the area.
  • Pain when grasping or pinching an object
  • Pain when bending the wrist or making a fist
  • A lump or swelling around the wrist and thumb area
  • A cyst where joint fluid has collected
  • Usual cause is injury to the area (like a fall on the wrist)
  • There are some biomechanical conditions which can affect the wrist in this way
  • Sports related injuries (such as holding a bat or racket in the wrong way) can cause this type of injury
  • Avoid using the injured hand as much as possible
  • Rest the injured hand
  • Apply Ice pack to the wrist for 15 to 20 minutes
  • Wrap the wrist in elastic support
  • Keep the injured wrist above the level of your head
  • Anti-inflammatory medication can help with swelling
  • Stretching exercises will help strengthen the wrist again
  • Good technique in sports where you handle bats and rackets
  • Taking care not to fall on your wrists
  • Strengthening exercises to help prevent severe injury to your wrists
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