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The importance of wearing good supportive insoles
Why wearing good supportive insoles is important

To help prevent injuries or further injuries whilst athletes are playing their sport or an individual carrying out their daily activities such as work, shopping or walking the dog etc, insoles provide good compact support to the arch region and cup the heel with a snug fit providing shock absorption when the heel strikes the ground.  

Insoles or shoe inserts are destined to be inserted in to your sports or work footwear providing they can accommodate an insole. Insoles bring relief to existing aches and pains.  Most aches and pains in the lower body limbs arise from small disturbances in the feet mainly the arches being flat leading to lager disturbances travelling up the body.

Our entire body weight is balanced on our two feet, when we stand, walk, run or jump. Now it won’t be unforeseen for our feet to be prone to any sort of injury without adequate support to the arches. Most commonly, pains start in the foot and start travelling up the leg leading you with a bad back and disturbed posture.  

The impact of bad midsoles in trainers is poor support to the arch which leaves you with collapsed arches. Insoles help correct the abnormalities such as the arches being flat or collapsed. They provide direct support to the bones, joint, ligaments and tendons in the foot which minimises stress on the structure and joints within the lower body.
Insoles also work as a shock absorber when the heel strikes the floor, the heel poron situated in the heel region on the insole takes the impact. A good mould should provide comfort to the entire foot.

Inappropriate and ill-fitted footwear can lead to many disturbances in the mechanics of the foot and lead to further injuries.


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